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Defend Yourselves against Attackers, Pastor Adeboye Tells Church Members



The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has opposed the high pace of weakness in the nation and advised the individuals from his Church to shield themselves against aggressors.

Adeboye focused on that there is no place in the Bible that God said His kids shouldn’t safeguard themselves.
This is coming as the Chairman of the Katsina State Traditional Council of Chiefs and Emir of Katsina, Dr Abdulmumini Kabir Usman, has raised the alert over what he depicted as the multi-layered deteriorating security challenges confronting the inhabitants of the state

Talking during the congregation’s July 2022 Holy Ghost Service in a viral video, Adeboye said nothing more will be tolerated, adding that hence, “it’s fire for fire.”


“I would rather not say much since I realize anything that I say, certain individuals might need to contort it. I have looked through the Bible from one cover to another and there is no place where God said an offspring of God can’t guard himself. On the off chance that you find the spot, let me know. That’s what he said assuming they slap you on the right cheek turn left;

He said that one. On the off chance that they currently slap the left what did he say? At the point when God is quiet, do you know the significance of that, it essentially implies over to you. “I’m just conversing with my youngsters. Just my youngsters come to the Holy Ghost Service,” Adeboye made sense of. In his message, the minister said the congregation would hold its 2022 show in the second seven day stretch of August.


He said that would be the 40th at the Redemption Camp on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. “Adeboye said individuals all around the world would go to the occasion and supported “lethargic individuals” to be essential for it, encouraging them not to sit back to watch from the solace of their homes.


“This program will be unique in relation to the one you have known. Certain individuals out of apathy have chosen ‘Goodness! I can watch everything on TV.


“It’s great to watch on TV; the program will be broadcast all through the world. Be that as it may, as I told you on the off chance that you are sitting in front of the TV and fire is consuming, do you experience the intensity. Assuming that you are sitting in front of the TV and the downpour is falling, does your dress get wet?


“There are sure things TV can’t send. Not the least bit. Brilliance be to God for TV that can send across the world. Magnificence be to God. Yet, when the Almighty God realizes that it is out of sluggishness that you sat back at home, you will be hearing the declarations of the people who were available.


“There’s something many refer to as corporate blessing. The Bible says fire conceives fire. There are sure things you get in light of the fact that you are there… Oh! A few jokers said places of worship shouldn’t open for a long time. Who is your officer? Lord of Boko Haram? Allow Satan to attempt any hogwash, from this point forward, being fire for fire is going!


“I comprehend that one amusing individual said certain individuals were approaching Ogun in light of the fact that Jesus didn’t respond to them. Indeed, for the person who said that, there’s a maxim that the mouth that the snail used to curse God, that mouth will kiss the ground. From here onward, anyone who thinks for even a second to revile Jesus Christ will taste the fire of the Almighty God.


“Each foe of the congregation, to the extent that Jesus is a consuming fire, in the event that they don’t apologize, the fire of God will consume them. In 2020, Adeboye drove his congregation individuals on a dissent over frailty and killings in Nigeria.


Adeboye, who taught his congregation individuals all over Nigeria to notice the walk, started the stroll from Ebute Meta to Atan Cemetery in Yaba city in Lagos State.


Katsina Emir Laments Worsening Insecurity


In the mean time, the Chairman of the Katsina State Traditional Council of Chiefs and Emir of Katsina, Dr Abdulmumini Kabir Usman, has raised the caution over what he portrayed as the multi-layered deteriorating security in the state.

The customary ruler said the spate of uncertainty in the state is right now weakening and deteriorating the situation, especially in cultivating networks across the state.


This is even as Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the state scolded President Muhammadu Buhari and the National Assembly for their inability to handle and explore winning security challenges in the North-west regardless of the immense assets spent to check the scourge in the area.


Usman, who talked in Hausa in a short time viral video, said a few customary rulers in the state have relinquished their compensations to empower the state government to avert banditry in the state without any result.


He added that the state has been overwhelmed by fear mongers, hijackers, outfitted burglars, attackers, and other various furnished groups of thugs who threaten, kill, kidnap and assault honest residents unpredictably in the state.


He said: “You will see two or four people (psychological oppressors) on a bicycle with live ammo out to kill anybody they could lay hands on; we as a whole need to remain on our feet. Maybe we don’t have the cash.


“We have the cash and weapons to battle these individuals (fear mongers). We have even relinquished our compensations so they can battle revolt yet they don’t. Numerous emirs have been snatched.


“It has gotten to the degree that wherever you go, you will be in steady apprehension about not realizing what might occur. It was simply yesterday that I returned from Kaduna.


“l must be accompanied front and back,” he said.

He added: “Envision we and our nation living in such trepidation due to those flippant medication fiends. We can handle them; we have the cash and weapons to battle them. Is it true that we fear them?


“We can’t crease our hands and be killed and have our spouses kidnapped and assaulted in our presence; it is just a little absurd, so this is my response.” Substantiating the emir’s disappointment, the Chairman of the CSOs in the state, AbdulRahman Abdullahi, said with the heightening security challenges in the North-west, the ruler had spoken the personalities of his subjects.

He said the administrative and state legislatures ought to devise more proactive and spinning safety efforts to handle banditry and other appalling wrongdoings coordinated by the criminals than the ongoing responsive activities.

“Tragically notwithstanding colossal spending on security activities in the North-west, the pace of wrongdoing is expanding continuously and neither the president nor the assembly cares to test it,” he added.