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Anoushka Shankar – In Her Name



In Her Name by Anoushka Shankar

’s a song by the Global prolific music artiste and talented singer “Anoushka Shankar“. This song is titled “In Her Name”, as it was released alongside its video. You’ll enjoy as you listen.


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Lyrics: In Her Name by Anoushka Shankar

What do you call the ashes of a girl
If not sacred?
When the embers are cradled by the wind,
Do the gods cry for what could have been?
If it is cruel hands that have taken a life,
Why then do we forget the injustice?
Instead let us collect as sisters in mourning.
Let our fury echo through the pages of history.
Do not let this death be quiet
Like all the thousands before it.
Time cannot devour
What we will not allow to be forgotten.
So do not forget her name.
Remember her.
Remember every girl like her who was lost to us.
Every girl who prayed to a God that abandoned her.
Call your rage something holy.
Call it the best incarnation you have ever known.
Make the goddess of justice we all deserve.
The kind of divinity we can all truly believe in.
Carve a temple made of a fire which never dies until we are all … safe.
Let the wind take these embers, these ashes and
Build a goddess of wild fire in her name.

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