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Farahan By Favour George<>Farahan By Favour George

’s a song by the Nigerian Christian music minister and fast-rising praise worship leader “Favour George” whose song has been a blessing to live. The song is titled “Farahan“.


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Gospel music minister, Favour George has released a brand new single titled “Farahan”.

“Farahan is a song of encouragement that the Lord gave me to encourage His people in these trying times.

Farahan simply means (Appear)”, Favour George said.

When Jesus appeared, all things became all right, His Appearance brings light, deliverance, healing and restoration.

INGBATI JESU FAEAHAN, Everything will be calm!


Lyrics: Farahan by Favour George

Ta da da da da da da ta da da da da
ti jesu faran
ti jesu faran
ti jesu faran
ti jesu farhan

Darkness flee, when you appear
Ocean split when you show up
mountains melt at the sight of you
oh God….
ni gba ti jesu farahan
ti jesu faran
ti jesu faran
ti jesu faran
ti jesu farahan

in the mist of the wave and the storm and trouble
When you show up everything calm
Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I shall fear no evil
You dey by my side
Always by my side

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Call and response
Call: Jesu…..
Response: Jesu
Call: Jesu
Response: farahan
Call: Jesu
Response: farahan
Call: Jesu
Response: farahan
We just need your presence lord

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Connect with Favour George

Twitter: @MinFavourgeorge
Instagram: Favourgeorgemusic
YouTube: Favourgeorgemusic

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