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Sonnie Badu – OKOKROKO (LIVE)


Sonnie Badu

Sonnie Badu – OKOKROKO (LIVE) And Lyrics

Genre: Nigerian Gospel.
Artist: Sonnie Badu
Format: .
Quality: 320 Kbps.
Year: 2022.
Size: 3.01 Mb.

When you wake up in the morning, it means God is not done with you, because when his done, you will, have no reason to wake up. Jesus responded that if the crowd quieted down, HIS father (God Almighty) would cause the very stones to cry out in praise of him.

don’t be silent! Let exalt our God the King; Let us praise his name for ever and ever. Every day Let us praise him and extol his name for ever and ever.

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Lyrics For OKOKROKO – Sonnie Badu

Wo yԑ Onyame a (You are the God)
Wo nnwoma fata wo o
(Whose handiworks reflect your beauty)
Obrempon Nyame ei (Majestic God)
Wo nsa ano nnwoma yԑ nwanwa
(Your handiworks are amazing)
W’abode nyinaa kutu sore wo o
(All of your creation worship you)
Nana Nyame ei (Our reigning God)
Yԑ pagya wo din (We exalt your name) (Repeat)

Okokroko (Indescribable One)
Yԑ ma wo su (We exalt you)
Yԑ pagya wo (We lift you up)
Yԑ kuto wo (We bow to you) (Repeat)

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Me wo asem bi bisa wo a
(I have a question for you)
Me wo asԑm bi ka kyerԑ wo a
( is what I have to say to you)
Wo yԑ dԑn na wo ma nipa kasa?
(How do you enable humans to speak)
Wo yԑ dԑn na nnoma su?
(How do you make the birds sing)
Wo yԑ dԑn na aswokye bo mu?
(How do you cause the storms to rage?)
Tumi bԑn na wo de kasa?
(By whose authority do you speak?)
Nyansa bԑn na wo de nweni ade?
(What is the source of your creative wisdom?)
Anuonyam wura, ka biribi kyerԑ’m o
(Glorious One, respond to me)
[Ka biribi kyerԑ’m o] (Speak to me) x6
Nana ei, yԑ ma wo so (We exalt you, our King)

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Edin bԑn na me nfa nferԑ wo? (How shall I refer to you)
Edin bԑn na me nfa ntruntrum wo?
(By what names should I adore you)
Nana, wo hu yԑ hu (King, you are fearful)
Nana, wo hu yԑ me nwanwa (King, you are wonderful)
[Nana brebre] (Tread majestically) x6
Yԑ ma wo so, Okokroko (We lift you high, indescribable One)

(Chorus )

[Barima Jesus] (Mighty man Jesus)
[Nana kasa] (Speak, my King)
Yehowa ei (Oh, Jehovah) x8
Me Nyame ei (oh, my God) x8


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