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The mysterious thing God did when i had no money



Founder of living faith church Bishop David Oyedepo has revealed the mysterious thing God did when he had no money to travel for his sister in-law’s wedding.

He said,

“In 1986, I was to travel from Kaduna with my wife for my sister in law’s wedding. The trip required N500. I did not have any dime and God knew that under no condition will I ever touch his money.

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“Not even if my mother was the one getting married. At 5 pm the day before the trip, someone from another church, S.K Adamu, drove like a chariot to my house with a gift of N600.

“Nobody knew under Heaven that I was traveling. You know I don’t announce my trips. He said God asked him to bring it for me. God asked him to bring N600 because he knew I will still pay my tithe from it.”

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